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inflatable bunkers laser tag
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inflatable bunkers laser tag

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Paintball shooting is a participatory game in which two teams fight in the game and use paintball guns (air guns with paintballs) to defeat each other. Paintball shooting is a very safe sport as long as the player follows the safety rules.

The paintball game is a sport that imitates the "real battle". It is a shooting game that uses paintball grabs and paintballs to confront people. Paintballs will leave colored marks after hitting people, so that participants experience the feeling of the battlefield

inflatable bunker

Paintball equipment includes paintball guns, paintballs, protective masks, sportswear and paintball bunkers, inflatable barricades.

airball bunkers

Paintball competitions can be divided into offensive and defensive battlefields, sniper wars, annihilation wars, etc. Different battlefields have different types of venues. The international official competition venue is 180 feet long and 100 feet wide. For the international official competition group of 7 people, both sides of the battlefield use inflatable paintball bunkers, the size, form, specifications and quantity are equal.

Shape of inflatable paintball bunkers are muti-options

Now, paintball games are becoming more and more popular in people's lives. Many companies, groups, and schools organize such activities to promote team cooperation.

As long as we have a grass, we can put some paintball bunkers then we can start the game.We can carry out paintball games through bunkers of different themes.

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