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how to clean inflatable bouncers
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how to clean inflatable bouncers

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Children are fond of playing in inflatable bouncers, they jump in and jump out happily, but here comes a problem, when kids playing around in a inflatable bounce, they are likely to be running barefoot in and out of the structure which will bring in a lot of dirt. So how to make your inflatable bouncers clean? Here are some tips.

clean inflatable bouncer1.jpgThe first thing you need to prepare is the cleaning products. Luckily, you inflatable bouncers don’t require too much on the soaps. You may find the sponge, a cleaner or a multipurpose product is perfect. Besides, making your own cleaners yourself is also available.3 cups warm water and 1 cup of white vinegar mixed will have the cleaning effect too.

clean inflatable bouncer2.jpgSecondly, choose a sunny ,dry day to clean, The first thing to remember is to keep the bounce house inflated cause it's easier to clean them out when you can dig into them rather than lifting up folds of a deflated bounce house. Check for tears, mold, mildew, or any funky smells both outside and inside the structure. Removing all the big debris first, some people would like to sweep them with leaf blowers; some also use a broom to sweep down most of the surface area. It’s depends your situation.

clean inflatable bouncer4.jpgThirdly, wash your inflatable bouncers. You can wipe the unit out with a cleaner or a multipurpose product that cleans and sanitizes at the same time. If the bounce house’s roof is particularly dirty, have the castle deflated and take off your shoes and then clean the roof first. Wash over with the sponge and water one section at a time. If you want to remove mildew from your castle, you can use a solution of 50% bleach and 50% water directly on the mildew stains. During this period, keep in mind to change your water regularly. There is another thing that you might want to know, when wiping your inflatable out, attempt to wash from the back wall to the front door. It's almost similar to washing a kitchen floor; you can use a wet cloth and run down the surfaces you applied cleaner to.

Lastly, Rinse thoroughly inflatable bouncers once you have wiped over the affected area air dry before rolling up and packing away. Don’t let the bleach in contact with the vinyl material for any length of time as it could cause inflatable bouncers fading.

In addition, if your castle gets soaked on a rainy day, store away on a pallet so that the water drains down as much as possible. Get the unit out for a clean over and allow to thoroughly dry as quickly as possible. Remember to store your inflatable bouncers in the place where there is dry.

Cleaning inflatable bouncers may vary between different inflatable owners, when cleaning your bouncers, it’s not necessary to follow others’ step. We are just giving you some tips; you can totally have your cleaning methods. But however we choose our cleaning steps, what we want to do is to provide a clean and safe inflatable for children.


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