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Tips for buying inflatable bouncer
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Tips for buying inflatable bouncer

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To children, inflatable bouncer is a star among many amusement equipment, children can play on it pleasantly, climbing, jumping and sliding. At the most of time, the inflatable bouncer is safe for children to relax themselves. However, when you plan to buy an quality and healthy inflatable bouncer, you still need to notice something. Next, we prepare few tips for you, hoping that we can help you:

1 Before you buy inflatable bouncer, you need to decide buy a household or commercial inflation bouncer. The main difference is that commercial inflatable bounce are strong enough to withstand hours of use on a nearly daily basis. If your inflatable bouncer is prepared for many children, or you want a long time and durable bouncer, the commercial inflatable bounce is a good choice for you. Of course, its price is higher than household inflatable bounce.

2 The easiest way to assess the overall quality of an children inflatable bouncer is to consider the material it makes, the best inflatable bouncer is made of oxford or PVC tarpaulin. Most of the household inflatable bouncers are oxford cloth woven, and the PVC tarpaulin is almost exclusively used for commercial inflatable bouncers.

3 No matter where it is used, the baby inflatable bouncer should not be too heavy, cumbersome and difficult to manage. Before you buy, be sure to check the total weight of the inflatable bouncer, a portable inflatable bouncer will be easy to take care of.

4 The best inflatable bouncer has excellent workmanship. In order to stand the test of time, a inflatable bouncer should have double, three or four stitches. Otherwise, it may easily be separated at the seams. So you need to know its sewing technique.

5 If the space is limited, be sure to measure and check carefully before buying the inflatable bouncer. Of course, the inflatable bouncer also should be large enough to accommodate the number of children.

6 After-sell is also very important. It's smart to make sure you have a decent warranty when buying new inflatable bouncer for children.

Any tips of the above, is all to give children the most perfect playing experience. You need to deliberate on these recommendations, after everything is ready, to buy an inflatable bouncer that will make your child and your family happy. As a professional inflatable product manufacturer in China, we provide customers various inflatable product, you can glance over our products and choose you favorite.


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