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build up your happiness

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With more than 9 years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of top quality and innovative inflatable jumpers, combo, obstacle and water slides... Rainbow Inflatables Ltd has quickly made a name for itself by becoming a leading supplier in China.


Making money with Rainbow Inflatables, ltd. is fun and easy. If you are an established business you already know that your profits depend on the quality / durability and long life of your jumpers. We use only the finest quality 0.55mm pvc coated vinyl material, heavy duty nylon thread and reinforced rainbow netting (windows) on all sides to produce safe, high performance, long lasting inflatables – up to three and half years longer than other manufacturers! And if you are just getting started in the “Party Rentals” business or as a Rainbow Inflatables’ distributor, we will guide you every step of the way to huge profits and guaranteed success. Our future growth and continued success is guaranteed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction commitment to you.


At Inflatables, we strive every day to build an enduring company that makes a difference in the world and improves people’s lives.

We want to be the top leaders in:

Developing, manufacturing and distributing inflatable products

Building customized inflatables

Developing and promoting the inflatables industry

Increasing awareness and safety in the inflatables industry

Helping our customers develop successful and profitable businesses


We will never stop working to provide the safest and most exciting inflatable and amusement products in the world, and to support the initial and ongoing success of all our customers.



What makes one business more attractive than the rest? Why do we go back time and time again to our favorite stores and suppliers? Consistent quality with friendly reliable service. Whatever your personal vision or needs may be, our professional team is here to ensure that you receive not only delivery of your units on time, but also the information, tools and support network you need to be competitive in the market and succeed.

When you purchase Rainbow Inflatables’ inflatable jumpers, you receive our experienced staff plus state-of-the-art technology and the culmination of years of innovative research, engineering and on-site manufacturing of superior inflatable jumpers.
While our superior design and construction ensures a longer life of the unit, carefully engineered added safety features bring parents back week after week, year after year. This all adds up to greater profits for you.











Factory Address: No34, Dongxing Road, Dalongchadong Village, Panyu District,Guangzhou City, China
  Tel: 86-20-38057362    whatsapp 86-13533488649(Bella Hu)
  Email: info@rainbowinflatableschina.com
Rainbow Inflatables Ltd. Rainbow Inflatables ltd was found in 2009 as leading inflatable equipment manufacturer in China