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Zorb Ball Manual Operation
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Zorb Ball Manual Operation

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Specification of Zorb Ball--

1) Size: Dia2.5m

2) Materials: 0.8mm clear TPU

3) Color: orange/yellow/green mixed color per unit

4) Picture as below

5) Packing: 0.3CBM/37KGS


Manual Operation--

(1)Fully Inflate Zorb Ball using Air Pump on ground free of abrasions.  Check Zorb ball without damages or broken before use it.

(2)Make sure the play area is clean and free of obstacles or obstruction.

(3)Riders step through hole openning to enter the Zorb Ball. 

Riders must take off their shoes and glasses,ear rings and any sharp objects before use

(4)Once Riders entered Zorb ball, they must be secured via harness system(subject to the unit)

(5)Riders walk or run(using both hands and feet) to control the Zorb Ball constantly and consistent speed/ movement are key to controlling the Zorb Ball

(6)If a fall happens, once the Zorb Ball Stops, riders should stand steady control direction of themselves. and continue Zorb Ball control

(7))Riders are not allow to jump, flips or do somersaults  in the Zorb Ball

7)To exit the Zorb Ball, the Zorb ball should stop completely, then riders step out of the hole openning

8)Deflate Zorb Ball and safety store in vinyl bag after usd.(make sure unit is clean and dry before deflation and storage to avoid staining and mildew)


(1)Always be careful and mindful of the fact that your are unpacking and openning an inflatable item so use the appropriate tool.

(2)Never drag or pull the inflatable in to position as you will run the risk of friction burns/holes.

(3)Never open a large inflatable on your own, always seek aide.

(4)Fully unfold/roll the inflatable prior to inflation.

(5)A repair kit has been provided for small repairs. This repair kit comes with the glue and repair material.

(6)Do not pack-up your inflatable when wet! Moisture can cause mildew which will void your warranty and cause a break down in the performance of the vinyl fabric.


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