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Why the Inflatable toy is becoming popular
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Why the Inflatable toy is becoming popular

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1.Happy learning

Inflatable toy is the most traditional in children's events and bring lots of joy to children. Besides the fun, the inflatable toy helps in the education of the little ones because it develops the motor coordination, the attention, the reasoning, the memory and it teaches the child to relate with other children and of course much fun.


2.Safe place

Kids often fall down hard on any inflatable toy. The soft flexible surface of an inflatable toy means it's less likely for someone to bang up their head, face, elbows, and knees while paddling, surfing or just playing around.So,its safe place for kids to playing.



3.Extensive use

Inflatable toys can be used in many different places, such as at parties, parks, restaurants, hotels, buffet and many other options. Assembling an inflatable toy is very easy, just follow safety regulations, start the engine for inflatable toy and wait a few seconds for the fun to begin.


4. Save Space

The biggest feature of inflatable toy is that they can stretch and shrink, saving space; light and easy to carry. Inflatable toys get rid of the bulky defects of traditional furniture and can be placed indoors or outdoors. After deflation, the volume is small and the collection is very convenient.


5.Learn to make money

The Biggest Variety of Inflatable Internet Toys

The Shop inflatables operates in the inflatable toys trade, always having as main objective to satisfy the needs of the customers. We offer high quality products, commitment to delivery, payment facilities, excellent service, full warranty and support.

We have available the largest variety of inflatable toy on the internet, they are the most incredible models on the market in different shapes and sizes. All created toys have been designed to be functional and safe to their users.



If looking for inflatable toy to buy, here is the right place. Get to know some of our options now.


Inflatable Slide

Inflatable slide is the funniest joke to get on and off ! This is the most sought-after toy in children's events. In its manufacture we use first-line materials, thus ensuring that the toy is safe and durable. We provide the most varied models and sizes of toboggans. The smaller inflatable toboggan you can rent for small events, already the giant inflatable toboggan models rent for large events.



Inflatable Bouncer

The inflatable bouncer is the perfect toy for the kids to love jumping. They are produced with modern and resistant materials, are manufactured by specialized professionals, guaranteeing the quality and durability of the toy. The color combinations give a beautiful look and are very attractive to children from the first moment. All of the options from bouncer Jumpers to Toddler Shop's Inflatables were designed to bring joy, fun and maximum safety while playing.



Inflatable Soap Football

Inflatable Soap Football is the perfect union of fun and sport. This toy is very successful in the summer and everyone loves, whether children or adults. Soap football can be enjoyed by several players and a funny fall on the inflatable mattress is a real laugh. Build the teams and promote disputes among the guests, surely your event will be unforgettable. It is made with the finest raw materials to make it tough and durable. It has flawless finish and vibrant colors to attract everyone's attention.



Toys & Hobbies

Sports toys promote fun, sports activities, and interaction between people at playtime. The Inflatable Shop's sporting toys are great options for corporate events and general parties. Offer a very successful toy to your customers. Check out our options: Wacky Inflatable Racing, Inflatable Mountaineering, Inflatable goal Kick and others to promote playing sports.



Increase Your Income With Inflatable Toy Rental

Currently rent with inflatable toys brings great business opportunities. To increase the rent with the rental of the toys is very easy with the Shop Inflatables, here we have a team prepared to support and collaborate with its success. Here you will find everything you need to start, or to complement your business.



Join our customers and be a very successful entrepreneur.


Build your Inflatable Playground with the Lowest Price

Want to make money by setting up an inflatable playground with the funniest toys on the market? The children's playground is a great option to put together various types of games in one place and with that bring more Assemble a space that contains several inflatable toys and contribute to an environment of learning and child development.




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