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Why I choose the inflatable Surt Paddle Board?
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Why I choose the inflatable Surt Paddle Board?

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Inflatables come with some distinct pros.


1. easy to transport - When deflated and rolled up, most inflatable paddle boards are the size of a medium duffel bag and fit in any car. Most other inflatable Surf Paddle Boards require a roof rack and tie-down straps and can be a pain to get on and off the roof, especially if they are particularly heavy. An inflatable inflatable Surf Paddle Board deflates quickly, rolls up easily and takes very little effort to lift and place into a trunk. Not having to worry about how secure the boards are on top of the vehicle is especially relaxing when traveling long distances. Flying with an inflatable board is easier as well. It will either be free or cost a little. Flying with a non-inflatable board generally, starts at $100 if it is shorter than 9' 6" and goes up from there.


2. Durable - An inflatable paddle board is made of the same heavy-duty urethane as a river raft. After scraping over many rocks, we have not been able to pop any of them. Most other paddle boards chip, ding and generally have to be handled more carefully. Inflatable boards are the only option for most rivers because running into or paddling over rocks in low water spots is highly likely, and this can damage other types of boards.


3. Soft - Kids often fall down hard on any inflatable Surf Paddle Board. The soft flexible surface of an inflatable SUP means it's less likely for someone to bang up their head, face, elbows, and knees while paddling, surfing or just playing around.


4. Inexpensive - Most inflatable Surf paddle boards are lower price than Non-inflatables (other than Costco boards). It's a lot of fun to paddle with another person, so the lower price tag of the inflatables can be attractive if you're planning on purchasing two.


5. Easy to store - Inflatable surf paddle boards are appealing because they are easy to transport, don't require roof racks and don't take much room to store. Most inflatable surf paddle boards easily roll up pretty small, which makes them much easier to store indoors. If you live in an apartment without a garage or somewhere where you do not have much storage, this factor makes them quite irresistible.


Key Components of a inflatable Surf paddle board


The first thing to consider when deciding on a inflatable Surf paddle board is its dimensions.


Width - Generally, the wider the board the more stable it is. Wider boards are also slower, so racers generally have narrow boards (the back is narrower than 28 inches) while beginners typically benefit from a wide board (31 inches or wider).

Length - The longer the board, typically, the faster it is. Longer boards are also hard to turn. inflatable Surf paddle board surfers usually use 8'-10' boards while racers use 12-16' boards. A good size for most beginning and intermediate paddlers is the 10 to 12-foot range.


Thickness - Thickness generally tells you how floaty a board is but it has a special importance with an inflatable board. As a general rule, if an inflatable paddle board is less than six inches thick, it feels like you're standing on Jell-O.


Nose Rocker - Nose rocker is how far the front of the board pulls up. It's an important metric if you are surfing; too little rocker and the board wants to pearl or submerge its nose like a submarine. For inflatable boards, it doesn't matter much unless you plan to be in very choppy water (then you want a lot of rocker).



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