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The Most Interesting Entertainment in Hot Summer---Inflatable Water Park
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The Most Interesting Entertainment in Hot Summer---Inflatable Water Park

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What will you do on a hot summer day? Eat ice cream, stay in air-conditioned room, or swim in a cool pool. That’s too old-school! Don’t you want to try some entertainment exciting but safe, sportive but cool? 

Yes,the inflatable water park games! Let’s go for it and enjoy an amazing summer season.

Spend a good weekend with your kids

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon with friends

Organize an interesting game with your team, friends even strangers.

Do some water sports without smelly sweat.

However, if you have no idea about how to choose a good supplier with good products, please go ahead, then find your answer.


Ⅰ、Shape and Color

For younger people, you can choose a brightly colored, large-colored and sleek water inflatable equipment, such as colored balls, ducklings, turtle, etc.

For older people, you should pick out some realistic animals, even some ferocious animals, so that you can cultivate a brave spirit from childhood.


Ⅱ、 Leak test

The key to the quality of water inflatable toys is their tightness and safety, so we pay much attention to use best raw materials, making sure rigorous process, and leak test before we ship out.

1 A flat unfilled toy can be observed whether the printed pattern is clear and beautiful, the main part of the color is accurate, whether the surface is colored or yellow;


2 Check whether the welding between each film is even and melt well to see if there is wrinkling, blemishes and desoldering.


3 Wipe the surface of the film with your fingers to see if there is discoloration;


4 Note that the weld around the gas nozzle should be tightly closed, and the fit of the gas nozzle plug and gas nozzle should be tight and should not be too loose;


5 Look at the inflatable toy in the water to see if there is any foreign matter inside the sun or light.


inflatable observation

After a seal inspection, the inflatable toy can be inflated. After the air is filled with gas bottles or other tools, the inflatable toy should have a complete shape and can stand steadily on the ground; some water inflatable toys have a central requirement. The adjusted tilt angle should not be obvious;


2 The surface of the inflatable toy should be flat, with no obvious depression or wrinkles;


3 Press the water-filled toy by hand and place the gas nozzle on the ear to see if there is a leak. We also apply soapy water to the gas nozzles to see if bubbles are present.


4 After inflation, inflate the water toy for several minutes and observe if there is significant deformation or instability.


When the above conditions are normal, the plug of the water inflatable toy is pulled out and allowed to naturally deflate. After the air is released, the packaged toys are ready for shipment.


Tips, because the PVC film of the inflatable toy has the disadvantage of aging over time, the film will become brittle or leak when placed for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly maintain inflatable toys on the water after you used in order to avoid potential safety hazards.


By now, if you are attracted by those inflatables water park games and in the market, dont hesitate to come to us.



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