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Rodeo Bull game Rodeo meltdown game Rodeo surf board game
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Rodeo Bull game Rodeo meltdown game Rodeo surf board game

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The Inflatable bull game and wipe out games , also called inflatable meltdown game, always come with a inflatable  matress. Below is more information about Rainbow Rodeo Bull machine and Meltdown and surf board game:
The Rodeo bull machine including soft head( hard head) Rodeo Bull+Rodeo Bull Console+Motor and all Leads.
The Inflatable matress for the bull machine, it can be size Dia5m to Dia7m, mostly the size will be Dia6.4m, some customers want more economic matress, so they choose size Dia5m.
The wipeout games machine is similar to the Rodeo bull machine structure, including the Console+ motor+ connect leads + wipeout bar
The wipeout games machine has two kinds, single bar and double wipeout bar.
The Inflatable matress for wipeout game size is bigger more better, becz the people who need jump on pillow of the matress. The commen size is bigger than Dia6m
The matress has two kinds of pillow ( which for people to jump on it) on the matress,Some customers order the Number instead of EPE Foam pillow.  
Number Pillow is we print the Number and stitch this Number on the matress.
The Foam pillow is pvc cover, inside packed with EPE foam. I think the inside EPE foam need replacement in 1 year.
The number pillar is more durable than foam pillow. 
Foam pillow is more insteresting to play, but less durable, and bigger packing size
The Surf board game machine is similar to above.
Advantages of Rainbow Rodeo games:
1)We have rich experiences in producing the safe matress. we have provided over 30 sets each year
2)Our inflatable matress made full protective covers( PVC cover packed foam inside) to avoid players touch the bottom of the motor.
3)Accurate sized cover for the motor top part, which most supplier do not provide it.
4)Our Rodeo bull game is provided by over 10 years manufacturer, we offer good after-sales services when customers has concerns to operate these machines
5)The machine is safe play, CE certificated,
6) We offer free accessory replacement for Rodeo machine within 1 year. And will guide customers solve any problems when they operate the machine.
7)We provide the manual operations for the Rodeo machine games.
Customer can order the single play systerm: the  Rodeo bull Playing, or wipe out bar playing or Surf board playing system
Or can order The Dual playing system, which including the Rodeo bull + Wipeout bar playing ( two function) dual play systerm.
It is only 1pc console+motor, only such set including both bull body and wipeout bar.
Or can order The Triple Playing Systerm, which including Rodeo bull + wipeout bar + surf board game ( three function) Triple playing system.  

It is only 1 pc Console+ motor, only such set game including Bull body and wipeout bar and surf board game

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