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Rainbow Inflatable Sport games
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Rainbow Inflatable Sport games

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Rainbow Inflatable Sport games includes climbing wall, Obstacle Course, basketball and Bungee Game and so on.Our inflatable sports have mesh doors keep kids safe and the action inside.Rainbow Inflatables ltd has made each Inflatable Sport games in 0.55mm,1000D PVC tarpaulin, which is waterproof and flame retardant. Included 12" blower plugs into standard outlet for continuous airflow. Inflates in less than a minute! Inflatable sports is suitable for everyone. The players will try to play again and again. The design and manufacture ensure safety yet provide maximum fun. It can be of any size, shape and color.  Our Inflatables are made to the highest standard, and using the best materials available. So if you want to have the outdoor inflatable sport game, you can have a try of our inflatable sport game equipment.

Inflatable Obstacle CourseThis biggest adult Obstacle Course is for commercial use, and it's a big challenge for adults and also a boot camp inflatable obstacle course for people; It can be widely put in some open outdoor occasion like parks, squares, exercise centers, or some other playing centers etc; People will enjoy themselves in this fun world

Inflatable Wipe out big ballerInflatable Wipe out big baller features four huge red inflatable balls surrounded by a blue ball pit resembling a moat filled with water. Players start on one side and must jump or run across the big balls to make it to the platform on the opposite side without falling in the moat.But even if everyone falls without making it across, theyll still have a ball. The ball pit is cushioned with our air bag technology and feels like falling into water. 

Inflatable Foam Pit:Inflatable Foam Pit for your  school, corporate, or water themed event. The Inflatable Foam Machine is perfect for small elementary school children all the way up to college kids and college parties. Cool down with this bubbly foam party that everyone will enjoy!

Inflatable Bungee Run GameEach competitor gets strapped into a vest which is attached to a giant bungee cord.  The goal is to run as far as possible, and lay your marker on the velcro strip before the bungee ‘snaps you back to reality’.  Whoever’s marker is farthest down the track wins!

Inflatable Mechanical Bullwhen you have climbing on the bull, you should grasp the rope tightly with your dominant hand.Then, hands are the important control point when operating the bull, but thighs plays an important roles too during the working process. You should use your leg to gripping the bull tightly. when you on the bull, you should relax your upper body and try to lean back when the rodeo drives forward. during the process, the operator will make the bull ride go up and down, left and right or even circles, the other thing you should do is shifting your weight, and this will helps too.

We have many inflatable sport game , such as Inflatable Paintballinflatable dart gameInflatable football field Inflatable Climbing Mountain  inflatable hungry hippos gamesInflatable Sumo Wrestling Suits inflatable basketball gameInflatable maze and so on.


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