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Rainbow Christmas Inflatables
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Rainbow Christmas Inflatables

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For Christmas, every child is full of expectation, because they always imagine, on Christmas Eve, put a sock at the head of the bed, and then on Christmas day ,they will received the gift that they want to get .so as the parents ,are you get ready?

what are you going to buy for your children.

As the purchasing season and Christmas approaching,I’d like to share some inflatable Christmas products to you,wish you will like them.

1. Inflatable snow globe

Material:0.8mm clear PVC

Size:Dia 4m

Packing:PVC bag for inflatable snow globe,carton for blower

Function:first,decorative for your home

Second,Advertising affection for business  and propaganda

It is believed that many girls want a Christmas ball filled with snowflakes and princess and prince when they are young

This product could decorative your home or your court, your

could put favor photo inside,you also could put the

Christmas photo inside and filled with snowflakes To create a Christmas atmosphere,it will be very beautiful.


2. Inflatable Santa

Material:0.55 PVC

Size:Dia 8m

Packing:PVC bag for inflatable Santa,carton for blower

Function:bring many fun for the both children and adults

This product is must be exist in Christmas,Santa is a symbolize of Christmas festival

Santa Claus is he later known as, the name is from he secretly sent money to help the story of three girls

Nicholas died a saint, a white-bearded old man in a red robe and cap who came from the north in a lusty sleigh every Christmas

inflatable santa man

3. Inflatable Snow man

Material:0.55mm PVC

Size:Dia 5m

Packing:PVC bag for product,carton for blower

Function:decorative for your home and play with children

Snow man is a good friend of children,children always want to make a snow man in the winter season,if Santa is the symbolize of the Christmas,the snow man is the symbolize of winter season and happy.so if your buy a inflatable snow man,your children will be more happier.

inflatable snow man

Inflatable christmas deer

Material:0.55mm PVC


Packing: PVC bag for inflatable deer,carton for blower

Function:decorative for your home and play with children Advertising affection for the business and propaganda

Hold a Christmas party .

Deer is very cute animal for children

Deer are the mount of Santa Claus. Every Christmas, elk pull Santa Claus to hand out gifts, so many children love it

It can increase festival atmosphere and bring more enjoy to the children

Inflatable christmas deer

OK,above four inflatable is my favor product,do you love it

When you enjoy your happy must be mentioned your safety.

Here are a few attentions:

1. Child play in large inflatable toys, such as inflatable obstacle, must have the care of the parents, because children sometimes in the course of play, get carried away, if they are on the edge of inflatable castle jump, is likely to jump to the outside of the inflatable obstacle,parents can timely remind children aside

2. Child at the time of entering the inflatable castle, it's best not to carry a sharp items, because after entering the inflatable castles, children always want to jump, at the time of jumping, hard to avoid can fall, after the fall, the sharp item is easy to cause damage to a child such as keys will stamp hurt the child's eyes or face

3. After the child enters the inflatable castle, it is better not to jump  while eating, because when eating, the food will probably enter the trachea, block the trachea, cause tracheal foreign body, if not dealt with in time, still can cause the child to produce asphyxia


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