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PC Spherical tent
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PC Spherical tent

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Welcome to Rainbow Inflatables ltd

By currently, we have developed a new type tent, the PC polycarbonate tent, the materials for such tent including  PC(polycarbonate) and Galvanized steel frame

The normal size for PC Spherical tent is  Dia3m, 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m,15m, 20m, Customized size.

PC spherical tent is ideal for long-term product advertising display  or temporary exhibition booth, it can also used as bedroom in resorts for watching beautiful star at night.

It can become a romantic dinner room for lovers or family in the night. Or a party or wedding celebration rooms. Such clear dome will get peoples's attention easily.

Rainbow PC spherical tent has advantages as below~ 

1)Easy install( 2 hours install time+Installation drawings)

2)No color fade problem, durable quality can last 8 or 10 years

3)Easy clean

4)Copyright of Revolving door

5)No bad smell in the tent

The PC tent can be set directly on the flat cement floor, tile floor, wood floor, etc. as long as it is hard and flat, it can be set on it directly. The tent can be built directly on the ground without platform

Four people spend 2 hours can install a tent.,very simple installation,  As the repair kits, we will provide the installation drawings, so customers can install tent by themselves conveniently 

Our warranty for PC tent is one year, but such tent can last 10 years.

Rainbow factory has produced over thousands of PC tent every year, We have applied copyright for our own design of revolving door. 

As the direct manufacturer of PC spherical tent, Rainbow factory will support you best quality with most low price.

If you have interesting to such tent, welcome inquiry 0086-13533488649(Whats app and wechat)微信图片_20210125003755




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