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Let us take the first jump--Inflatable big air bag
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Let us take the first jump--Inflatable big air bag

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Big Air Bag

Inflatable big air bag – is an air bag with low pressure for soft landing from springboards. Designed specifically for those who want to improve their skills in performing complex acrobatic stunts on skiing, snowboarding, bicycles, etc. Any jumps become real thanks to the safety of this pillow. Inflatable big air bag is available for a wide range of people, both beginners and professionals, for children and adults. It gives you the opportunity to get a lot of new skills, abilities, tricks. A large number of positive emotions and pleasure, you just have to take the first jump!How does inflatable big air bag provide security?

animation children air jump bag

Inflatable big air bag is a inflatable cushion that provides soft landing after jumping. It can be used in summer and winter. It is made of two layers that are filled with air: the lower layer is in the form of a trampoline, that is, elastic, and the upper layer is soft to underestimate the power of the thrust.

When a person lands on an inflatable big air bag for jumping, the air inside the upper layer quickly exits through special valves and the layer sags under the weight of the person.

An inflatable big air bag is an absolute safe landing when jumping on bicycles, snowboards, roller skates, skateboards and skis.

An inflatable big air bag allows freestylers and athletes to work out new tricks, without any injuries. It helps “newcomers” to overcome the fear of heights and free fall. Also it can be used as an attraction – for entertainment and extreme sensations.

Customized-Size-Lake-PVC-Inflatable airbag

Now extreme jumps from a height or towers on a trampoline are developing all around the world.

 An inflatable big air bag will allow you to land safely from springboards when doing tricks on bicycles, rollers, snowboards, skateboards, skis. This is a great option for expanding the services of ski resorts, for hire, for events and competitions.

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