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Interactive games Inflatable Human Whack A Mole Beat Hamster Game
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Interactive games Inflatable Human Whack A Mole Beat Hamster Game

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The popular carnival game--Inflatable Whack a Mole game now comes to life, 

Introducing yet another brand-new product for 2018! The inflatable innovators have done it again and brought a popular old game to the inflatable world---

That is Inflatable Whack a Mole!A new popular inflatable interactive sport game is swaying all Carnivals.

Inflatable Whack a Mole allows up to 7 players at once (including the whacker) which is great if you have plenty of people 

attending your event.Inflatable Whack a Mole is one a kind Inflatable Interactive Sport Game! It is suitable for kids and 

adults, of course, your all family can join in our Inflatable whack a mole to have fun

So, how do you play Inflatable Whack a Mole? 

Well, the whacker in the middle has a ring of plastic balls surrounding them which all the moles have to sneak up and try to 

capture (without getting whacked with the inflatable hammer). Whoever has the most once all the balls have gone is the 

winner! We think it’s a brilliant concept and think it will be very popular. A huge advantage to inflatable whack a mole is 

that so many players can enjoy it at once, but don’t worry if you have less than 7 people because whack a mole can be played 

with just 3 to 4 players as well.

Inflatable whack a mole comes with 6 helmets and an inflatable whacker (lightweight hammer filled with air as to not cause injury).

Inflatable Whack a Mole is suitable for a variety of events corporate fun days, weddings, and children’s birthday parties 

(it is suitable for 8 year old’s up to and including adults). We also have lots of other new products, including a wrecking 

Inflatable Whack a Mole Inflatable

ball, fly wall, rock n roll, unclimbable ladder and more!


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