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Inflatable muti-function sports Arena
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Inflatable muti-function sports Arena

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One arena, Ten activities.  All that's missing is you

bouncy sports Arena

Bounce Rainbow inflatable sports arena is anything but a dinky little bouncy castle or a moonwalk.  With over 700 square 

feet of space to bounce, throw, jump and score, there's plenty of room in this coliseum for some friendly competition.Bouncer 

Inflatable Sprts Arena, it can be jumping bouncy house, football field,sumo mat,racing game, different ball games inside etc. 

Bouncer Inflatable Sports Arena is suitable for kids and adults , even kids and adults inside together. It suitable for 

different activities, such as park, party, event, school activities,outdoor games, rent etc.

Just in a inflatable sport arena, you will get different fun there.

You can wait for a scheduled game facilitated by one of our party hosts, ask that a host organize something for you from the 

list below or borrow some equipment and make your own fun. For example, to borrow a soccer, you can play football inside, we 

make soccer goal there. To borrow a basketball,you will own a inflatable basketball game, there is basket on wall to have 

fun, in addition ,Inflatable bungee run game will add more fun of basket ball game, that bungee will control you to throw 

basketball in a basket. Of course, there is also inflatable volleyball, Sumo with your friend to dress our sumo clothes. For 

kids, they can ride a Inflatable hose inside to competition, to hopscotch etc.So many functional,you will love it.

Some of your choices include:






the Bungee Run challenge


Jump Rope



Boxing (18+ only)

Sumo Wrestling

and more

    sports arena


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