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Inflatable Twister Game for Sale
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Inflatable Twister Game for Sale

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Inflatable Twister Game for Sale

Inflatable twister game can also be called inflatable twister board or inflatable twister mattress. It is a most interesting and funny game which need your whole body to move, especially, your two hands and feet. It is played on an inflatable mat or board that is put on the ground indoor or outdoor. 64 different colored circles are divided into 8 rows and 8 columns and printed on the inflatable twister mattress, some other different sizes are also available, small size twister game with 36 different colored circles and large inflatable twister board with 144 different coloured circles. However, no matter how many circles there are, the colors of the circles are always four, red, blue, yellow and green are the four most commonly used colors.

Maybe many people will wonder how to play this game. First, there is a rotating disk with the inflatable twister game which has the same color as the circles on the inflatable mattress. Turn this rotating disk and it will tell you which color of the circle you should put your right hand, left hand, right foot and left foot on. You need to change the position of your hands and feet again and again. The participant who fall down or his elbow or knee touches the mattress will be eliminated and the man who can stick to the last will be the winner.


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