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Inflatable Maintenance
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Inflatable Maintenance

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Caring and or maintenance of your inflatables is extremely important to the life expectancy.


For Home Use Inflatables, every time you use the inflatable

1. Clean the area the inflatable will be used from any and all debris. While tarps are an option, they will not prevent sharp objects from puncturing the floor

2. Stake the bounce house or water slide down before each use. This will eliminate any friction that could cause tears on the bounce floor

3. Inspect the inflatable for any tears, rips or odd issues with the fabric and netting. It is better to repair an issue before it is to late

4. Enforce the rules

5. Recommended riders

6. Recommended weight

7. No pulling down the sides

8. Remove shoes

9. Use the recommend power source

10. Store the inflatable when you are done using it. If it is a product that was used with water, make sure the product was fully dried before storing.


For Commercial Inflatables

Warranties on commercial inflatables are a little different. Most good manufactures have warranties of at least two years. The exception to this is products that are used for indoor family fun centers. This is because they take extreme abuse and they are used at a much greater rate. Even these products will come with a minimum of one year for a warranty. Because commercial products are often used for rental businesses, the care and maintenance is that much more important. Without the inflatables functioning properly the item can not be used. Here are the keys:


Every time you use the inflatable

1. Like above, make sure you clear the ground before you inflate a product.

Because of the size of commercial bounce houses and water slides, staking them down properly will not only improve the life expectancy of them but will ensure the riders safety.

2. Once an item is inflated, enter the inflatable to do one last inspection and cleaning. Consider this your preventive maintenance.

3. Enforce the rules

4. Recommended riders

5. Recommended weight

6. No pulling down the sides

7. Remove shoes

8. Use the recommend power source

9. Commercial inflatables need to be stored properly to ensure that they do not get damaged in transport. While storage bags are available, we recommend letting them breath to prevent any moisture.


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