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Inflatable Fire safety education house
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Inflatable Fire safety education house

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Fire safety education is becoming more and more important. It also become the education task in the school. But how to teach children in a more interesting way. The customize Fire Safety house is a best choice.

Rainbow fire safety inflatable are designed to assist fire education to children to teach the children essential skills for staying safe during a fire. 

The inflatable fire safety house wil be designed into different gonflables structure rooms, including the kitchen, living room, bedrooms with vivid printing of describe all daily use articles, seems kids already enter into their real house. Each section will be with key points of the safety fire education to teach children how to put out the fire and keep safe during the fire. Besides, At the back of the house there is a crawl through tunnel that simulates smoke rising so kids can be instructed on exiting the house if there is a fire. Children can learn the fire safety courses in a more interesting way and also let children have a deeper understanding of the fire safety.It is the purpose of Rainbow Inflatable Fire Safety house. The inflatable fire safety castle house are widely used for Fire Dept and school education.

 If you are doing jeuxgonflables business, maybe you can do some event of children fire safety education or doing some kids party.  You can use the Inflatable theme inflatables, such as the fire truck, inflatable fire man, inflatable fire escape obstacle, inflatable fire safety slide bounce castle, inflatable fire safety education house, inflatable fire escape education tent... we have a large choice of it. We can do mega project for you.

If you need China high quality inflatable fire safety education house in low price, remember Rainbow Inflatables ltd is your best choice.

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