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How TO Patch Inflatable Bouncers
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How TO Patch Inflatable Bouncers

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Inflatable bouncers are often used at children's birthday parties and special events, providing a fun, safe space for children to play. Due to the material used to make an inflatable bouncer, a puncture or hole is easy enough to develop, especially with countless children using the toy at once. Repairs will need to be made in order to keep the slide usable for the children.

Necessary Materials

In order to properly repair an inflatable item, there are some materials that you need to purchase. These materials will work together to help repair the puncture and get the inflatable bouncer usable once again:

Masking tape

Needle and thread




Once you have gathered all of the materials, you can begin working to make the repair on your inflatable bouncers.

Step 1: Find the Puncture

The first step of the process is to simply find the puncture. While some punctures may be large and easy to find, others will be incredibly tiny and difficult to pinpoint. It is often best to walk around the bouncer and listen for any air coming out. You should also feel around for any possible holes. Another way that allows you to find the hole faster is to spray the area with soapy water. Any location that bubbles up indicates that a hole is present.

Step 2: Mark With Masking Tape

After you find the hole, you want to be sure it is kept in plain sight while you work on getting it repaired. This can be done by placing masking tape around the area. It will help to mark the location so you can easily find the spot again once you are ready to work. You don't want to waste any more time attempting to relocate the hole if you happen to lose it.

Step 3: Sew the Spot

The best way to ensure the hole gets repaired completely is to sew the spot together first. A stronger needle than what is used for sewing clothes and other basic items is required. There are needles available that allow you to sew through leather. This same type of needle is needed. Thick thread is also required so that the material from the slide stays together.

Step 4: Apply the Patch

Once the hole has been sewn shut, apply a patch cover the area. This will ensure that the hole is completely covered and will not come open again in the future. With special adhesive, the patch should stick well to the inflatable bouncers, and remain in place for a long time.

Step 5: Allow for Dry Time

Just because the hole has been sewn and patched doesn't mean it's immediately ready to use again. The adhesive used for the patch needs time to dry before kids can get back on the bouncers. It is safest to wait at least a few hours for the glue to dry before attempting to use the inflatable bouncer again, or before you take it down and put it away.


Inflatable bouncers can provide hours of fun for children of any age, as long as they are kept inflated and in proper working condition. As soon as a hole is detected, you should work to repair the damage so the bouncers can still be used. If not repaired efficiently, the hole will only become bigger over time, causing the inflatable bouncer to lose its safety factor that so many parents enjoy. Inflatables offer a safe space for children to play, and they need to be kept in the best possible condition.


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