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How Do Inflatable Water Slides Work
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How Do Inflatable Water Slides Work

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Renting an inflatable water slide can be one of the most memorable experiences in childhood, but not follow simple common sense rules can turn that memory sour. These exciting, large and colorful Inflatable water slides are the perfect addition to any backyard party or special event, and with adherence to these simple guidelines, not only will it be an awesome time for everyone, it will be a safe one too. As you prepare for your event make sure to tell your kids and guests to dress appropriately. Wear comfortable attire suitable for water use, no pokey or easily snagged accessories. Once the kids have arrived at the party, instruct them to remove their shoes, again reminding them to take off all jewelry, or anything with a zipper. You will not want to be responsible for any holes that need to be repaired in the inflatable water slides.

Remain in control of the party-goers with strict rules for behavior. With a fun element like an inflatable wet/dry slide that kids don’t regularly enjoy, kids can become overly rowdy and lose control. Be sure to set strict rules, setting consequences if kids should push or shove while on or near the slide, cut in line, or attempt any damage to the rental.

Weather is also an important consideration. Check the weather forecast leading up to the big day. No one will want to enjoy a Inflatable water slide if it’s gloomy and dark outside. Beyond gloom, if the weather turns bad and thunder and lightning begin to emerge, be sure to quickly get everyone inside and start deflating the slide.

Inflatable Water Slide Safety Rules

DO NOT enter inflatable unless attendant is on duty!

Follow attendant or operator instructions at all times.

Remove all sharp and pointed objects before entering.

Remove shoes, eyeglasses, and jewelry before entering.

No food, gum, drinks, pets, or sprays inside unit.

No tumbling, flipping, wrestling, chasing, or piling on others.

No rough play inside inflatable units.

No unevenly matched users. ONLY Adults with Adults and Children with Children.

If weather conditions get bad, or if the inflatable begins to deflate, stop playing, remain calm, and carefully exit the inflatable.

DO NOT use inflatables during inclement weather (rain, hale, or when winds exceed 20mph).

Only one rider sliding at a time.

Correct sliding method is seated, feet in front of you. Do Not Slide head first.

Inflatable water slide rentals are a fun way to give your kid a treat for the summer. Preparing for a kid’s birthday party is not an easy task. You need to make a lot of preparations, from the party theme and decorations to the food and activities for the kids. Some people try to be spontaneous and just let things happen naturally. But this can lead to a variety of problems which may ruin your kid’s special day. You can also make your kid’s party a remarkable one by renting a water slide and other party rentals. Surely, these rentals will be loved by the kids, especially during the summer.

Any tips of the above, is all to give children the most perfect playing experience. You need to deliberate on these recommendations, after everything is ready, to buy an inflatable water slide that will make your child and your family happy. As a professional inflatable product manufacturer in China, we provide customers various inflatable product, you can glance over our products and choose you favorite.


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