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Guangzhou Rainbow Team Will standy by you when face the Coronavirus
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Guangzhou Rainbow Team Will standy by you when face the Coronavirus

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Dear Clients  and Partners,

Guangzhou  Rainbow Inflatables ltd is  actively monitoring the rapid concern in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).   As an responsible  organization,  we are dedicated to the health and safety of our employees, clients, and  partners.  

As  we continue to monitor the Health Board & Organizations, Now  in China, we  continue to listen to the experts and abide by their recommendations,    And  the Coronavirus is almost under controlled,all the factory is back to normal  production under all necessary protection.

As  our experiences, we like to share with you some  important tips  that  will help limit your exposure and spreading the virus:


· Reduce  outdoor activities as much as possible. We have stay home for over 2 months.  

· Avoid  visiting areas where the disease is prevalent.

· It  is recommended to make less visits to relatives and friends and dining together  during the epidemic prevention and control, and stay at home as much as  possible.

· It  is recommended that a mask shall be worn when going out. A surgical or N95 mask  shall be worn when visiting public areas, hospitals or taking public  transportation

· Keep  your hands sanitized.and wash your hands frequently..

· If  you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care immediately.  Please make sure quarantine  yourself  when you have such case.

· All  the affected people should quarantine themselves, it will help your family and  the whole society

· Keep  nutritious  and healthy food  and take good relax to keep body healthy

It is to be sure: we will make it through this difficult time together and cooperate MORE in the near future. Always Opportunities and challenges coexist .  It is a  right moment to focus on the future and planning new idea and projects more intensely than ever.

Our Design and Production team are always available to you, to help you catch the right market after Coronavirus end.

As this special period, Rainbow team would like to try best to help all the friends and customers. 

If you need free mask for yourself and family, pls email to us.  

If you need a large qty of certificated medical Mask, N95 mask, Non contact Infrared Thermometer Electronic hermometer, disinfectant liquid, Instand hand Sanitizer, Rainbow Team can also provide them.

          Rivers low, mountains high, The same moon in the sky. Guangzhou Rainbow  Inflatables Team will be stand by you forever!!!!


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