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Different types of inflatable bouncers
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Different types of inflatable bouncers

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The inflatable bouncers have many types.In here, we will talk about some types of inflatable bouncer.It will help you choose the inflatable bouncer easily. Give you or your kids the biggest happiness.Rainbow inflatable ltd will bring you safe and funny game experience.

On the general level, it can be divided into two categories.They are indoor inflatable bouncer and outdoor inflatable bouncer.

Indoor inflatable bouncer
The indoor used bouncy houses are usually smaller than the standard inflatables to suit your house, so it has a smaller jumping area and a lower height. In general, theses indoor inflatables are made of lighter materials, such as nylon or thinner PVC for non-contact parts, and reinforced PVC for the jumping floor. The smaller bouncers are best for toddlers or smaller family parties, usually one or two children bounce at a time.

Outdoor inflatable bouncer
The most common bouncy castles you can see in the backyards or parks, they use the standard commercial grade PVC materials for better support. The standard bouncy houses are usually used outdoors, so the grounded materials are thicker and stronger than the indoor bouncers. They have a bigger size and greater weight, can support more children of all ages. This kind of bouncy houses are best for party rental business, can be used for all kids parties that need a bounce house.

Above the different between outdoor and indoor,it can divided into some configuration of the inflatable bouncer.


Sliding Inflatable Bouncer

The Inflatable Sliding Bounce House is perfect for younger kids who love to climb and slide! In addition to a fun jumping area, these fun inflatable bounce houses have an attached slide. The kids can climb the wall inside the bounce house to get to the slide and slide down safely. The sliding bounce house comes in different sizes, so a taller slide would be great for older kids.


Obstacle Course Inflatable Bouncer

An Obstacle Course Bounce House includes various fun obstacles that are attached to the main bounce house area. The children can maneuver through pins, crawl under tunnels, climb a wall, and slide in addition to bouncing around! This type of bounce house is perfect for older kids or even adults who are feeling competitive.


Bungee Run Inflatable Bouncer

This type of bounce house is great for older kids and adults who love some fun competition! With the Bungee Run Bounce House, two competitors race while being pulled back with a stretchable rope. This inflatable is also a great form of fun exercises.

As you can see, there is no limit to the types of fun that can be had with bounce houses. You can find all of the fun bounce houses mentioned in our website www.rainbowinflatableschina.com  Above all types inflatable bouncer,our rainbow inflatable ltd all can provide to you.According to your event or business, choose the most suitable inflatable bouncers from rainbow, we provides all kinds of inflatables can be customized with different materials as you request. If you are new to the inflatable industry, we can create a perfect solution for your activity. More inflatable welcome visit our website.


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