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Different Features of Rainbow inflatable bounce house
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Different Features of Rainbow inflatable bounce house

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Considering the theme of the bounce house is important. Nowadays bounce house comes in many different themes to suit each children preferences. There is bounce houses with the style of dragons, princesses, cars, sports, jungles, animals and cartoon characters, anything you can imagine! IF you buy a bounce house with a theme you need to ask yourself will your kids enjoy it for a long time or will they get bored? If you consider buying a bounce house there is no doubt about it that you should go for a themed bounce house! It will make your kids birthday party an instant success! But if you are going to buy on and use it for a longer period of time, you should consider buying something more neutral. A regular colorful bounce house is more than enough to make children happy and you will rid yourself of the problem with kids having different preferences and getting into arguments regarding which theme you should have.

Jumping area

The main thing will always be the main thing of a bounce house, and that is the jumping area. All bounce houses have this feature, since this is the essence of what a bounce house is. A jumping area is a flat surface 

able to accommodate a group of kids at the same time. It is used for jumping since the inflatable structure makes it easy to bounce, hence the name bounce house. Two things to look for when it comes to the main jumping area is to see if the jumping area is high enough for kids to jump well and properly and also if the ceiling is high enough to make sure the kids can bounce with ease not risking to hit the ceiling.

Water slide

Water features in general is a very appreciated bonus to bounce houses, especially during hot summer day where the water feature offers the ability to cool down children. One thing to keep in mind is if your lawn or outdoor area can handle large amounts of water. Most lawns manage to soak up the water but sometimes you could risk getting a miniature swamp in your backyard if you are not careful. If you are going to buy a bounce house with any kind of water feature, make sure you have appropriate water supplies at your disposal.

Slides in general is a popular feature on bounce houses. Bounce houses with sliders are usually manufactured for outdoor use though. The water slide, combining slides with heaps of water is usually a guaranteed success. Most children love this feature as it is entertaining both to smaller and older children. Pro tip: when you are buying a bounce house with a water slide or other kind of water feature, look for one that can be used both with water and without water. Some bounce houses with water features needs to have water to function properly, and that could potentially limit your use if you want to use it without water.


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