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Christmas Inflatables is ready for your holiday
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Christmas Inflatables is ready for your holiday

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Christmas is coming soon, whether you want to threw a party at home, or want to prepare your child for an unforgettable night, or you want to create an intense Christmas and atmosphere for your shop to attract customers. I believe that after you reading this article, you will be able to make a nice Christmas decoration! Rainbow Inflatable is a manufacturer specializing in the production of inflatable products. Rainbow Inflatables ltd have designed a series of products for Christmas, offering you any Christmas inflatable items!

inflatable santa man

When it comes to Christmas, What Christmas decorations would you think of?? Bell? Christmas tree? Christmas hat? Christmas Socks?Santa ?Elk ?Snowman? snowflake? Or Snow World

Christmas tree: Usually people put a pine tree in the room or outdoors, decorated with Christmas lights and colored decorations, and placed an angel or star on top of the tree.An evergreen tree decorated with pines and Christmas lighting as part of a Christmas celebration,It looks like it will be very nice. This is the first choice for Christmas decorations.

Do you know the legend of Santa Claus? It is said that wearing a Christmas hat to sleep at night, you will sleep well and feel warm, the next day you will find more gifts in the hat from your loved ones. In the carnival night, it is the protagonist of the audience. No matter where you go, you will see a variety of Christmas hats. Christmas hats are also commonly used in Christmas decorations. So this is how many people wear Christmas hats at Christmas. 

inflatable christmas arch

The fireplace is also one of the characteristics of Christmas. Does the combination of cold and warm create a perfect visual perception?

merry Christmas

The dreamy Ice-snow World with fairy-tale atmosphere, not only makes the inflatable bouncer look interesting, but also with artistic sense to attract kids attention!

inflatable santa houseChristmas inflatable ice house

Muppet: On the Christmas tree, you can decorate some small dolls, shaped like Santa's puppets. Hanging such a beautiful Christmas doll on the gorgeous Christmas tree, I believe the children will love it.

Inflatable Snowman:,The kids will love the lovely snowman very much!

inflatable snow manChristmas Inflatable Snowman

Gold makes the festive atmosphere even richer. The sparkling design makes the room look extraordinarily luxurious and the festive atmosphere is better.

The combination of red and green, under the theme of Christmas, does not make people feel the conflict, the full atmosphere can instantly bring the atmosphere between family members!

Inflatable giftInflatable party decoration


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