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Bungee Run
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Bungee Run

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Bungee Run

Inflatable bungee contains many different types of games, such as, inflatable bungee trampoline also be called inflatable bungee jump, inflatable bungee run, inflatable bungee basketball. Inflatable bungee cord is an essential part of all the inflatable bungee product which make a simple game more interesting. When it comes to bungee jumping, most of you will think about the exciting project that people need to jump out of the high sky which makes many people want to challenge but they are afraid of the height at the same time. So the safe, varied and interesting inflatable bungee games for both adults and kids are popular with a lot of people. If you are interested in this kind of products, you can look for the one you like in Rainbow.

Inflatable Bungee Trampoline

Inflatable bungee trampoline can also be called inflatable bungee jump which is one of the most exciting inflatable recreation. There is always one or more inflatable trampolines below to help people bounce higher and keep you safe at the same time, few high inflatable columns with inflatable bungee cord tied on the columns. Then people need to put on the safety clothing at the other end of the inflatable bungee cord. When everything is ready, you can enjoy yourselves with screaming. Maybe you can also somersault in the air with others’ help which will be more exciting. The things you need to pay attention is that if you are afraid of heights, please don’t try this entertainment easily. Please play inflatable bungee trampoline in other people’s company. We should put safety the first at any time.

Inflatable Bungee Basketball

The game inflatable bungee basketball is the combination of inflatable bungee run and basketballs game which is very popular with people of all ages. At least two people can play the game, are you ready for a competition with your friends? First, you need to know about the gameplay and rules of the game. There are two or four basketball hoops at the opposite end of the participants and each track is marked with numbers. Contestants with basketball in their hands try to fight against his opponent and throw the basketball into the basketball hoop and the one who shoots the most basketball win in a certain amount of time.


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