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Air Track For Healthy
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Air Track For Healthy

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Air Track For Healthy

If you love gymnastics ,Yoga,Taekwondo and so on sports , you must know air track .

An essential and easy-to-carry sports gym mat. 


As a yoga mat , we can it in defferent size and color which will meet your mind.

Rainbow Inflatable track mat is with high quality and reseanable price in Saling.


PVC Tarpualin and DWF materail which keep the tumble track smooth and reduce injure.

It is made out of Double Wall material with millions of nylon strings in it.

They give the Air Floor extra strength and the right shape, which makes for a flat surface.


--Waterproof and heat-resistant surface

--Handle for easy carrying

--Airtight structure with hot air welding seams


For a healthy sports event-- inflatable mat, we can meet it in anywhere

2020 most popular air track

--For gymnastics mat

--For Yoga mat

--For Taekwondo mat

--For Cheerleaders mat

--For dancing mat

--For outdoor fun mat

--Fro tricking mat

Whatever you thinking , it will meet your require.

Do you want it ? Dropping us an email to enquiry right now !


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