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5 Things To Know When Buying A Bounce House For Use At Home
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5 Things To Know When Buying A Bounce House For Use At Home

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1. Space

Firs of all you need to ask yourself do you have space for it? Dimensions of the bounce houses are important for a number of reasons, but this is the most basic thing of all. You dont want to buy a tiny bounce house since the capacity could be too low but on the other hand you dont want to buy a bounce house that is too big either. Realizing that you cant have the bounce house anywhere due to size is a real party proper for your kids. Make sure you have enough space, either in the backyard or in the garage to put up your bounce house. If the bounce house is tall you may need to consider trees that could be in the way. Setting up the bounce house too close to a tree might elevate the risk of damage from one of the tree branches.

Indoors or outdoors?

Can the bounce house be set up both indoors and outdoors? If you have a garage that the bounce house would fit in that is great. In that case you do not need to deal with weather since it could be a security risk. A bounce house that can be set up both indoors and outdoors could be a good thing to invest in. Also, keep in mind that you need to store the bounce house somewhere when you are not using it. Bounce houses should be stored in a dry area to prevent mold.


How many children can the bounce house accommodate? This is an important question to answer. Bounce houses comes in many shapes and sizes. Smaller bounce house could easier be overloaded but larger are harder to manage. Always check the weight limit of the bounce house. Keep in mind that a bigger bounce house would probably attract bigger children thus making it easier for you to run out of weight capacity quickly. Never exceed the weight limit of the bounce house.

2. Quality


Depending on where and how much you are going to use the bounce house, materials will play a big part of your purchase decision. Commercial bounce house are more durable and made out of better material. There is two good materials commonly used to manufacture bounce houses and that is PVC tarpaulin and woven oxford cloth. Most commercial grade bounce house are made out of PVC tarpaulin, which makes them extremely durable, but also very heavy. Bounce house made for residential use are usually made from woven oxford cloth. This makes them lightweight. For a safe bounce house experience look for puncture free and fire proof bounce houses.

Continuously Flowing Air

What other features does to bounce house have? Most bounce houses these days are built with a continuous flowing air mechanism. It means that a bounce house blower will pump in air in the bounce house continuously, allowing small leakage in the seems of the bounce house. To design the bounce house with a leakage on purpose might seem odd but it is actually genius. This makes it much more durable and flexible. The bounce house has a greater ability to absorb all the pressure and bouncing from kids when it is allowed to leak a little. Since the air is continuously replenished, the bounce house stays erect!

3. Features

What is the theme?

–  Considering the theme of the bounce house is important. Nowadays bounce house comes in many different themes to suit each children preferences. There is bounce houses with the style of dragons, princesses, cars, sports, jungles, animals and cartoon characters, anything you can imagine! IF you buy a bounce house with a theme you need to ask yourself will your kids enjoy it for a long time or will they get bored? If you consider renting a bounce house there is no doubt about it that you should go for a themed bounce house! It will make your kids birthday party an instant success! But if you are going to buy on and use it for a longer period of time, you should consider buying something more neutral. A regular colorful bounce house is more than enough to make children happy and you will rid yourself of the problem with kids having different preferences and getting into arguments regarding which theme you should have.

Jumping area

The main thing will always be the main thing of a bounce house, and that is the jumping area. All bounce houses have this feature, since this is the essence of what a bounce house is. A jumping area is a flat surface able to accommodate a group of kids at the same time. It is used for jumping since the inflatable structure makes it easy to bounce, hence the name bounce house. Two things to look for when it comes to the main jumping area is to see if the jumping area is high enough for kids to jump well and properly and also if the ceiling is high enough to make sure the kids can bounce with ease not risking to hit the ceiling.

4. Accessories

Repair kit

Some inflatable bouncers comes with a repair kit included. This could be very handy if your bounce house is damaged in any way. Bounce houses made for residential use are not as durable and strong as bounce houses made for commercial use, (they are a lot cheaper though). If bigger kids starts to play rough in the bounce house they might cause it to tear in the seams. A good repair kit should include:

· Something to clean the area of the damage often a liquid solution of some kind

· Patches for covering up the damage these should be made out of 18oz vinyl, not rubber.

· Some type of adhesive like glue to fix the patch in the right place.

· Bonus: Some repair kits comes with additional thread and needles for sewing on the patches properly.

Air blower

Every bounce house should be delivered with an air blower to inflate the bounce house. Without a functioning air blower the bounce house is pretty much useless. This type of equipment is essential. Nevertheless air blowers might break during use, so make sure you check the reviews of the bounce house you want to buy to see if the air blower fill endure many hours of continuous use. If you need to replace the air blower there is plenty to choose from. Here is a few examples of air blowers from Amazon.com with great quality and pricing. A good safety tip for your air blower is to make sure the bounce house have long fill tubes. This enables you to place the air blower at a longer distance from the bounce house.

Stakes and Anchors

Bounce houses are anchored to the ground using stakes. The stakes are inserted into loops attached to the bounce house, and are then pinned to the ground. This keeps the bounce house secure and stable, enabling kids to jump around inside it without threatening to overturn the bounce house. The stakes can be made of either plastic or metal. If you opting for a more high quality bounce house you should buy one with metal stakes instead of plastic stakes. The metal stakes are more durable and will keep the bounce house grounded even in strong winds.

5. Warranty

When you are buying a brand new bounce house, make sure it comes with a warranty. A one year warranty is good, but in some cases the warranty could only extend for a couple of months. Go for a bounce house with at least one year warranty. The air blower provided with the bounce house usually have a warranty as well. If you plan on extensive use buying a bounce house with a longer warranty is a good idea. This is particularly important for residential bounce houses since they are not as durable as commercial grade bounce houses. In most cases you do not need to worry about these things, but it is better to be safe than sorry and having a good warranty could be the lifesaver you need when your kids desperately want to jump around in that bounce house.



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