We produce a wide range of inflatables, including inflatable slide, inflatables bouncer and castles, inflatable obstacle courses, sport games, inflatable tents, water balls, swimming pool and arches and sky dancers, etc!



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The amusement park inflatable equipment is hot for sale now. We have produced a number of high quality inflatable playground equipment for you to choose from. The inflatable bouncers for sale is designed by special designers so the styles of the toddlers inflatable play sets is very popular and beautiful. For example, the line of the outdoor inflatable climbing is very smooth and won’t hurt the children. The inflatable playground equipment is of quality assurance and will not harm children because of a sudden rupture. If you have interest or want to know more about our amusement park inflatable equipment, welcome to contact us and we are willing to tell you the details about the inflatable bouncers for sale.

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Color:As photo Size:54*15*14m Min order:1pc
Color:As photo Size:6*5.3*7m Min order:1pc
Color:As photo Size:9.5*4.5*5m Min order:1pc
Color:As photo Size:5*2.5*3m Min order:1pc
Color:As photo Size:13.8*8.2*7.6m Min order:1pc
Color:As photo Size:12*9*4.5m Min order:1pc
Item No: RB11024 Materials:Plato 0.55mm pvc tarpaulin Figures: Pirate Inflatable slide with a pool with tent roof for relex
Size: 7x3.7x4.5mH Materials: Plato best 0.55mm pvc tarpaulin, Snail figures combo with slide

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    Inflatable water slides are fun for kids on a hot day. They can become worn out from many children climbing and sliding on them, and they may become torn at some point. If that happens, the damage is usually fairly easy to repair. You can get your inflatable water slide back in good condition so you can continue renting it for parties and events.


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