We produce a wide range of inflatables, including inflatable slide, inflatables bouncer and castles, inflatable obstacle courses, sport games, inflatable tents, water balls, swimming pool and arches and sky dancers etc!


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The amusement park inflatable equipment is hot for sale now. We have produced a number of high quality inflatable playground equipment for you to choose from. The inflatable bouncers for sale is designed by special designers so the styles of the toddlers inflatable play sets is very popular and beautiful. For example, the line of the outdoor inflatable climbing is very smooth and won’t hurt the children. The inflatable playground equipment is of quality assurance and will not harm children because of a sudden rupture. If you have interest or want to know more about our amusement park inflatable equipment, welcome to contact us and we are willing to tell you the details about the inflatable bouncers for sale.

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  • [Product News] How Do Inflatable Water Slides Work

    Renting an inflatable water slide can be one of the most memorable experiences in childhood, but not follow simple common sense rules can turn that memory sour. These exciting, large and colorful Inflatable water slides are the perfect addition to any backyard party or special event, and with adhere

  • [Product News] Different types of inflatable bouncers

    The inflatable bouncers have many types.In here, we will talk about some types of inflatable bouncer.It will help you choose the inflatable bouncer easily. Give you or your kids the biggest happiness.Rainbow inflatable ltd will bring you safe and funny game experience. On the general level, it can be divided into two categories.They are indoor inflatable bouncer and outdoor inflatable bouncer.

  • [Product News] how to clean inflatable bouncers

    Children are fond of playing in inflatable bouncers, they jump in and jump out happily, but here comes a problem, when kids playing around in a inflatable bounce, they are likely to be running barefoot in and out of the structure which will bring in a lot of dirt. So how to make your inflatable bouncers clean?

  • [Product News] New Design of Inflatable Pirate Ship for Kids

    Our inflatable pirate ship is perfect for the little ones. What little kid doesn't want to be a pirate! Inflatable Pirate Ship for Kids is truly a treasure of a product. With a 10-foot tall climb and slide, an open bouncing area and crawl through barrels, this ride is a load of fun. Even the most fierce pirate will be humbled by this ride.The Pirate Boat inflatable is enclosed with high inflatable walls and a side entry to provide optimum safety for riders. The wall climb and slide are also separated by an inflatable wall. As a red kids pirate ship inflatable with designs resembling a true "at-sea" scene, this ride is sure to stand out anywhere.

  • [Product News] Inflatable Million Ball Pool

    Inflatable million ball pool is very hot and popular among kids, which including slide, seesaw, Saturn and so many other elements for kids to play happily inside.Inflatable million ball pool also called giant inflatable slide,million ball pool combo, inflatable ball pool, inflatable slide and ball pool

  • [Product News] Rainbow Inflatable Water Park

    Inflatable Water Park make full use of Inflatables advantages to make a interesting , moveability,recreational and subject performance etc. Park.Inflatable Water Park is suitable for kids, teenager and adults,they need to pass everyone obstacles by climbing,Jumping,Riding,walking and crambling etc.


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