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Latest trend in wedding fun - Wedding bounce house
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Latest trend in wedding fun - Wedding bounce house

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here’s no doubt about it: Weddings are a time for celebration. If you’re looking to go all out for your reception or after-party, then you’re going to love the latest trend in wedding fun  wedding bounce house. Brides and grooms are renting bouncy castles for their wedding party and guests to enjoy. You and your guests will feel like kids again, jostling around inside an inflatable bouncy castle. Talk about memorable — we can’t think of anything better to make sure everyone is able to let loose and have a good time! 

Here are some shots of showing the guests having just as much fun as the bride and groom letting loose in a bouncy house. What a memorable wedding photo that makes!

romantic Inflatables for weddingwedding bouncer inflatables castle

Wedding bouncy castle does not need to be only white, either. This photo, shows a bride and groom jumping in a traditional multi-colored bouncy house that you might see at a kid’s birthday party — and it looks like a ton of fun!

Wedding bouncer inflatables

And here’s a super-cute blue and white-striped castle, which does custom signs and backdrops for weddings and other events

wedding bouncer

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