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Jungle Inflatables by Rainbow Inflatables ltd
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Jungle Inflatables by Rainbow Inflatables ltd

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Today, Rainbow Inflatables ltd would like to share jungle theme inflatables to you

The whole color of the toy of jungle theme is green, let the child have the feeling that plays in the jungle , so each type of play toy of this theme is popular with the client.now allow me introduce follow five jungle theme inflatable product:inflatable jungle theme indoor play area,inflatable jungle theme ground water park,inflatable jungle obstacle with slide,outdoor inflatable children play carnival games for sale,inflatable monkey combo

jungle theme inflatables

1.jungle theme indoor play area

This product is probably a child's favorite.jungle theme indoor play area including inflatable bouncer,inflatable slide,inflatable obstacle and so on.Children can play with all kinds of inflatable toys in the inflatable area.

jungle theme indoor play area

2.jungle theme ground water park

Jungle water park is water games,this product design is very simple ,There's only one big slide and two small slides and a pool,However, in terms of color design and theme, it attracts customers' attention. This product adopts sea color theme and jungle theme.Let the customer have a combination of ocean and jungle that is also harmonious in tone,There is also a deep sense of nature.This product can let several children play together, so that children play more fun.

jungle theme ground water park (2)

3.inflatable jungle theme obstacle with slide  

This product combines jungle and animals.have a sense of having a zoo in the forest

The inflatable jungle theme obstacle with slide smaller than other inflatable obstacle,

the main highlights are two slides and vivid printing,because this product have many animals, not so much space for so many obstacles,from this product,you can see that our printing is very vivid,create a sense of reality

inflatable jungle theme obstacle with slide


4.jungle theme outdoor inflatable children play carnival games

There are two ways to play with this product

Younger children can play on the slide or compete with each other to see who can skate faster

And the The older kids can pull on the rope and slide from one side of the slide to the other without having to go through the floor slide.But it's a dangerous game, and you have to make sure that the child is safe or that the parent or the adult is there to look after the child to avoid danger. The product is designed to give the child a feeling of going over a hill and experiencing the sensation of excitement without the need.

inflatable jungle monkey combo

For more jungle inflatables, welcome contact Rainbow Inflatables.


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