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Will you Wipeout?
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Will you Wipeout?

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Have you ever wanted to try your skill on the big ball course on the hit show "Wipe Out"? You can now turn your dream into a reality with our interactive inflatable game.  


With the Wipeout Zone Big Ball Challenge, you're going to get your chance. This fun new game features a series of four inflatable red balls which challengers must jump across to reach the other side.

Climb up the ladder on one of the side platforms above the ball pit.

Then, try to cross the course by jumping or running across those big red balls. Your goal is to hop across all five big balls to the platform on the other side!

No need to worry if you fall though, the safety airbag keeps every participant safe while having fun!


Why settle for boring games when you can incorporate fun, physical fitness, friendly competition, and excitement all in one with the Toxic Wipe Out!

So, challenge all your friends to the Big Ball Challenge!

Rainbow has a series of wipeout game design. Welcome contact us for detailed information.


Then wipe out the competition!  


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