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Inflatable Wedding Tent
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Inflatable Wedding Tent

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1--Different size and Material:

Size:                                              Size:                                    Size:                                    Size:                                            Size: 

(m)10m(L)×8m(W)×4m(H)           18mL x 9mW x 5mH             16mL×8mW×4Mh                    12mX6mX4mH or customized                15x7x4m or custom

(ft):33ft(L)×26ft(W)×13ft(H)          Material: PVC tarpaulin          Material: PVC tarpaulin                 Material:PVC tarpaulin                            Material: PVC tarpaulin

Material:PVC tarpaulin                 Weight: About 420kgs           Weight:390kgs                              Weight about:195kgs                               Weight:180KG


customer size acceptable
Material: PVC fabric

2-- When see this inflatable marquee, we all think it is very good for wedding party. Yes, correct. It is really very popular for wedding party. But, except the wedding, this white tent is also ok for other event such as birthday, celebration or company promotion and so on. It is a widely used for many occasions. 

This big white tent is designed for a Canada client, they asked the lights effect at night, Our designer and worker worked a lot to make the tent be equipped with LED lights. When inflated at night, This big white tent looks gorgeous. We are really happy when realize the clients idea. 

Stability is a very big and important factor during operation, After a lot calculation of our engineer, we decision to use 0.9m diameter tubes even it may make the cost increased.  But when seeing the final goods, we think what we thought and what we pay is worth. With this tube size, the inflatable marquee is very easy to installed and set up. 

Except the tube size, the all open-rolled-closed side windows, clear welded windows, lights and so on, all details, we all very carefully for them and the good details together consist the final good piece. 


Inflatable Tent Inc. and its structures allow your visitors to live an experience enhanced by the magic they bring and their positive impact on the site of your event. All enjoy, young and old! Children are attracted to the inflatables structures. With our products, you attract the crowd to your installation, every time!


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