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Inflatable Water Playground for Summer
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Inflatable Water Playground for Summer

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Inflatable Water Playground 

3D land park- (1)

is one of the newest designs from Rainbow Inflatables. The size of the pool can be made from 1 m2 to 20000 m2, which means that the pool can contain 1 to 25000 kids to enjoy fun and cool in the larger pool at the same time. The exciting and amazing water park offers excitement to kids when they climb on the top of the slide and ride down to the pool speedily from one of the slides. Small games in the pool will make the park more funny and popular. 
Inflatable Water Playground can be set up inside the amusement parks,the plaza,the theme parks and the playing center. 
Kids like the best way. Vivid color, reasonable design, suitable character size and best handwork. It gives every child a happy and beautiful childhood memory.
Inflatable Water Playground is easy to set up,take down,carry and save.
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