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Inflatable Trends Hot for 2020
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Inflatable Trends Hot for 2020

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Inflatable Trends Hot for 2020


Whats latest trends in the inflatables industry? You may be interested in the latest inflatable trends for consumers nowadays. Heres two new trends that are hot for 2020.

 Removable Soccer Field

Competitive Games

You may have celebrated summer time with an inflatable water slide, you may also played in a classic moon bounce, but have you ever played in an inflatable sports game (like: soccer, bowling, or even jousting!) or thought about trying an inflatable obstacle course? 

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Inflatable sports and competition games are perfect for birthday parties, graduation celebrations.

On the the other hand, inflatable obstacle courses are fun for all types of events! They are great for indoors or outdoors celebrations. 

As technology continues to improve, more options for inflatables are becoming available. There are inflatable obstacle courses modeled after your favorite video games, those that are shaped like castles, and even some with slides attached.



Who says bounce houses are just for kids?! Not us! People of all ages can enjoy inflatables, and as the latest trend, adults are jumping on moon bounces at their weddings. Bounce houses are a great addition to a wedding, because they are:



Aesthetically pleasing

Fun for all


wedding bounce housenew couples having fun in the bounce house


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