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How to Get Best Prices From China Bounce Houses Manufacturers
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How to Get Best Prices From China Bounce Houses Manufacturers

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1. Know the difference between commercial and residential
There are two kinds of inflatables: Commercial and residential.
Commercial means the inflatable is for commercial, used heavy duty PVC tarpaulin material. These inflatables are extremely durable, usually used on large events, and the expected for a life span of at least 3 years. 
Residential means the inflatable is for private used, not suitable for commercial used. These inflatables are made out of nylon or oxford, very light in weight and very fragile in strength. Only suitable for kids under 6 years and the average life span is 3-4 months. 

That's why the price is very large different. 

Rainbow Inflatables specialize in manufacturing commercial inflatable more than 10 years, many of our clients are large event organizer, party rental business owner, indoor play center and amusement parks. Choose Rainbow, choose confidence.

2. Get list of inflatables suitable for your budget 
Many customers always ask for a price list,we don't recommend to do that.  The website is the product list. The good  way to let them trust you are a real customer,  offer more information you can, such as size, quantity, color, printing and etc. This will save your time. Choose the products from their website, and ask whether they can customize for you. After confirm all the details you need, they will offer you a price basic on your requirement.

3. Make sure the quotation is all the budget.
When you are purchasing from overseas.the budget is very important.  Sometimes the shipping costs is high and finally stop paying far more than a domestic buying.  Rainbow Inflatables guarantee to offer  you a competitive price
4. Make sure you get the high quality products

The high quality we are talking about here it's about the difference between Rainbow Inflatables and other companies. The same jump house, you will find the pictures are similar and wonder why not buy the cheaper one from another supplier which is only cheaper by 100 dollars. The truth is  you get what you pay for but they use the cheaper material.  Different factories use different materials, from the commercial grade PVC fabric to the small D-ring in the anchor points. You should choose the supplier that never cut corners to decrease the cost of the product.

Rainbow  Inflatables guarantee we use standard materials for all our inflatables. We will help you to  find the best balance between quality and cost based on your budget.


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