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Create your own backyard theater with Inflatable Movie Screen
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Create your own backyard theater with Inflatable Movie Screen

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For: Advertising, public movie, or home use movie center.


Many people are interested in watching movies outdoors in the company of their family and friends. While conventional screens may be adequate when there are less than ten people, if there are more people in the audience it is better to get a bigger Inflatable Movie Screen and use a projector for showing the movie. A far larger number of people can watch the movie with the inflatable screen since it is far bigger in size. Hence in addition to movies, the screen can also be used for business applications like outdoor advertising, promoting different products or services.


One of the main advantages of using the inflatable screen is that it is portable and can be easily moved from one place to another. The screen is mainly made from fabric, and it can be inflated to the desired size by connecting it to an air pump. When not in use, or when its location is to be changed, the movie screen is deflated to remove the air in the screen, reducing its size and weight greatly. The deflated screen can then be stored, taking up very less space, or carried to another place where it can be used. Hence in addition to families, many event management companies also use the inflatable screen.

To ensure durability, the screen is made of thick and tough material, so that it will not tear easily. A repair kit is also usually provided. Metal stakes are supplied with the screen for fixing it to the ground. The screen also has a large base, which adds to the stability. When the screen is placed outdoors, there is a possibility that it will become dirty, due to spills, water. Hence before screening the movie it is advisable to wipe the screen with a wet cloth, to remove any dirt which is adhering to the surface. The inflatable screen can be set up easily, since the air pump for inflating only has to be connected to a power source.

·It lets you bring your favorite movies, cartoons and TV shows to a big screen right in your home.


·This airblown movie screen makes a wonderful addition to parties, cookouts, sleepovers and other fun events with family and friends.

·Made from tough lightweight nylon that is weatherproof and fade-resistant.

·A small fan pumps up this outdoor movie screen in minutes and keeps it inflated throughout the show.

·Once inflated, it can be easily moved to the desired location and positioned to optimize the viewing experience.

Outdoor Movies Are Great For:

Birthday Parties

Graduation Parties

Apartment Communities

Lock-In Events

Faith-Based Events

Arena Events

Political Events

Video Gaming

Youth Events

And Much, Much More!

So do you want to create your own one, please feel free to contact us.

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